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10 reasons of studying in Germany

  1. Advance technology country with strong economy system.
  2. High standard and quality with global recognition.
  3. Affordable tuition fee compares to other developed country.
  4. Rights equality for all nations (included foreigner) to have a job while and after education period.
  5. The strategic location of Germany, surrounded by 9 other European countries gives an advantage to explore other countries with low price and short time.
  6. An opportunity to learn German’s culture which is well known with its discipline, clean, well organized and fast.
  7. German language is one of the main language in west Europe.
  8. A lot of choices of activity in leisure time are offered in and outside University.
  9. ZAV Program (a corporation program between Indonesia and German) is offered for Indonesian citizen – graduated from German university.
  10. Scholarships are available for advance university level (Master, Doctorate).

German education pathway for Indonesian scholar


Tips and Trick Preparations to Study in Germany

  1. Learn the language as early as possible.
    • Level A1 is a minimum requirement for Tourist visa and Language school visa.
    • Level B1 is a minimum requirement to apply a Studienkolleg-program (only for few Studienkolleg)
    • Level B2 is a minimum requirement to apply a Studienkolleg-program (most of Studienkolleg)
  2. Recognize your academic potential, choose the University and plan accordingly in details.
  3. Plan and prepare you financial as early as possible.
  4. Before departure, learn German culture and prepare mentally to face new culture.

What we can offer

  1. Basic guidance of German language for Level A1 and B2
  2. Preparation for German Language Test in Goethe Institut in Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya.
  3. Consultation and Information program for German Education path way.
  4. Briefing of culture difference between Germany and Indonesia.
  5. Assisting of application to Freshman Year Program.