Study in Germany : The advantages!

More and more young people, mostly high school scholars are nowadays thinking of studying abroad. The reason are various, but for sure it is a positive idea. Unfortunately, there are many things to be considered before you make this big decision, because the life “out there” have huge difference than ours here in Indonesia. I belong to one of the adventurer who decided to pursue a first degree “out there”, exactly in Germany! Now, After 4 years professional work, again i decide to continue a second degree in “out there”, again Germany!!

Nearly nine years ago, i had a dream of living in western country. Simply reason, i was curious to know different cultures. From many education fair, i started to collect information of universities in different countries. My first impression was: WOW! Study abroad is extremely expensive. Although part time jobs are always an option to solve financial problem, i was never sure that all the costs could be covered. The search was not end, until i found an offer in Germany with 10 times (or even more) lower cost for study. Almost everything are subsidized! This country understand somehow that students in their 18 yo-age are poor young adults who are just starting their life. For that, students do not need to pay tuition fee if we enroll in public university, pay only half price of health insurance, may live in student dormitory with affordable price, and not mandatory to buy books, the university libraries keep enough books with all topics. To the university, we pay only semester fee which is only around EUR 250 to cover public transport for 6 months and student organizations fee. That’s all! In other countries, students need to pay thousands euro yearly for tuition fee only. Comparing to Indonesia, this number is not really big if you enroll in private university.

Beside low study cost compare to other western country, as all people know, Germany provide professional and very high quality of education. The only difficulty for foreign student is the language! The language itself, so called Deutsch, is spoken in neighborhood countries as well, like Austria , Switzerland, Luxemburg, etc. Of course since German companies are spread all over the world, that makes Deutsch even more worth to learn. Anyway, young people are mostly very capable to learn new things. Deutsch is one of challenging subject, deeper you learn, the more complexity you will recognize. This makes you special once you master it.

Living in Germany giving a chance to learn how punctuality and discipline are important tools of life. As young people living thousand miles away from home, Germany is a safe place to learn how to survive without parents, how to manage budget, etc. For those who loves learning, German universities have very wide research topics, and have always close relation with companies.

That’s all the main reason why Germany is a perfect choice for study! Nevertheless, for the less price, there is more effort needed to be a successful student in Germany than other country.

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